How To Go To Komodo Island Tours From Bali

Komodo Island Tours From Bali For those of you who want to vacation on the island of Komodo, here are some reviews and explanations about transportation that you can use. If you are going to travel to Bali and Komodo Island, the site of is the best way to make up your plan. Here you can check up about the hotel, homestay, transportation, and the full package.


Komodo Island is known as one of the islands with giant lizards, which are the wonders of the world. Therefore many local and foreign tourists who come to visit. This makes you think that the cost of transportation to Komodo Island, even more so if from Bali will be expensive. When in fact not, because you have some of the best options that the dictionary can adjust to your financial condition.

To go to Komodo Island there are several paths that you can choose from by air, land, and sea.

1. Airway

The First way to komodo island tours from bali is and airway. For those of you who want to use the air route, you have several choices at low prices. This can be determined by choosing the appropriate airline and departure day. By airplane from Jakarta, you have to transit in Bali first. From Bali, the journey continues towards Labuan Bajo, a small town in northwestern Flores which is the gateway to komodo island tours. Several airlines serve the Denpasar-Labuan Bajo route, with a travel time of about half an hour.
You can use a plane from Jakarta-Bali-Kupang with Merpati Airlines, GT Air and TransNusa airlines heading to Komodo Flores Airport, then by using a public transportation car to Bajo Harbor. Or you can go directly from Bali to Labuan Bajo using the airline and it takes about 90 minutes to travel.

2. Land Route

The next path komodo island tours from bali that you can use to reach Komodo Island is by land route. This path will require you to travel by bus. From departure at the Bali terminal, you will be delivered to Labuhan Bajo and Bima.

3. Sea Route


The last komodo island tours from bali is the sea route. This sea route spent up to two more days. More precisely, it will take around 36 hours of travel time
The cities of Labuan Bajo and Bima can be reached by inter-island ferries from Denpasar, Bali. This path is known as the Pelni ship. Usually, this ship will depart from the port of Benoa, Bali to Bima and Labuan Bajo.

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