How To Wash Cotton Fiber Linen Vesture

Since I accept introduced the features of cotton fiber linen inwards The Differences Between Cotton Linen And Linen, I mean you have a clear agreement of cotton fiber linen in addition to linen. However, make you know how to wash this type of clothes inward our daily life?

As I mentioned earlier, cotton linen is breathable together with soft, just it’sec besides slowly to shrink too get crinkle, so, nosotros’d amend pay attending to the following points:

one. Cotton linen is not appropriate to live soaked, the best cleaning method is washing amongst common cold H2O. It’d meliorate add a spoon of table salt inward the H2O when kickoff clean.

ii. Use neutral laundry detergent or the mild detergent. Do not purpose around detergents which include chlorine together with enzyme.

iii. Avoid insolating in the stiff sunlight subsequently washing.

four. Iron the wearing apparel before wearing. Generally, the ironing temperature is 160℃-180℃. 

5. Put the cotton fiber linen apparel inwards cool, good-ventilated and dry out place later dry off.

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