Ink And Wash, The Chinese Ancient Spirit

Chinese wash painting is a form of artistic facial expression alongside eastern artistic characters. Actually, this kind of art painted past H2O and ink has been rooted inward the depth of our souls for thousands of years.

We pour some H2O into ink stone together with we rub the ink stick, plus, nosotros tin can become the liquid ink. Then, nosotros paint too write on rice paper or silk, that’s the source of Chinese picture. Wash drawing is concise too quietly elegant, nonetheless it contains infinite charm.

  Ancient Charm 

Such an erstwhile traditional fine art originated inward Tang Dynasty, reached its summit in Song too Yuan dynasties, continued its evolution in Ming and Qing dynasties. With the evolution of Chinese picture, many various schools as well as styles emerge. Among them are the painters known every bit “Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou” as well as “Wen Zhengming”.

It seems that the classical Chinese ink painting is only black in addition to white. Actually, according to the variation of shade, it tin can be divided into “5 types”, respectively are “charred, thick, heavy, low-cal as well as clear.”

Chinese ink together with launder take many subjects and themes. Such every bit landscapes, man figures, birds, flowers, animals, insects, and then on. It creates a high unity between realism as well as abstraction, presenting a rattling profound history connotation and various art characteristics.


Nowadays, ink picture has get a Chinese refer carte du jour which is sparkling on unlike important occasions.


The animation design perfectly captures the correct spirit together with beauty of Chinese ink painting.

 Little Tadpole Is Looking for Mummy
Feelings of Mountains as well as Waters 
Beijing Olympics

The Beijing Olympic Games’opening ceremony is the fabulous display of ink painting, a twenty-four hours to recollect.

Chinese wash painting is the near instance treasure in the history of Chinese art, which has been continuously inherited past several millennium and went through many historical stages. Only bear forrard as well as go along creating, tin we experience the uniqueness of Chinese culture.

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