How To Brew A Perfect Pot Of Tea

Flowers organization, picture hanging, tea art, in addition to incense burning are the four major arts of People’s Republic of China since Song Dynasty, which are particularly loved by ancient literati. These four arts, through bear upon, vision, gustatory modality, together with olfactory property to experience life, taking the daily life into the artistic country and enriching the internal cultivation as well.

Among of them, Chinese tea fine art is the virtually common leisure action that can relax our nerves, bring us closers, resolve conflicts as well as plant the harmonious relationship betwixt us. However, non everyone knows it well. Strictly speaking, tea fine art has thirteen touchstone processes together with details are every bit follows.

i. Wash hands as well as invite the guests to appreciate the tea together with tea sets.

ii. Rinse the tea sets thoroughly with boiling water, preheat them, which is helpful to unloose the fragrance of tea.

3. Put the tea leaves into a teapot. ( inward this process, tea masters will vesture the traditional linen clothing called “Chafu” to brand more or less performances, fully showing the art beauty of tea fine art)

iv. Clean the leaves ( pour the boiling H2O into the teapot as well as dump out the water of the start brew inward social club to make clean all the dust / dirty particles )
Notice: Pour the first-brew boiled H2O over the teapot to make the same temperature both within together with out.

v. Pour the boiling water into the teapot again at 3 times, which is called “phoenix nods 3 times” inwards China.

half dozen. Water should ascent in a higher place the spout. Brush off the tea pulverization amongst a lid in addition to brand sure all the floating tea leaves on the superlative tin can be removed.

seven. Cover the teapot promptly to steep for several minutes inwards order to save the fragrance of tea.

8. Place the fragrance-smelling cups, tea-tasting cups on the saucer alongside a tea clip when start to take tea.

9. Pour the tea into the world cup to brand certain every guest tin can taste the unified Chinese tea.

x. Pour the tea which is from the populace loving cup into fragrance-smelling cups for each guest. Then give the fragrance-smelling cups speedily, upending them on the tea-tasting cups.

xi. Serve the guests amongst a loving cup of tea.

12. Smell the later on-season in the tea cups.

13. Enjoy the tea.

Chinese tea civilization has a history of thousands of years, which plays a crucial function inwards our daily life. Therefore, the tea masters together with the dress they article of clothing are well loved past Chinese citizens from generation to generation.

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