Kuerbin, The Fairy Tale Inward China

Neither boisterous similar Rime Island nor commercial like snow hamlet, Kuerbin only has the about natural beauty as well as the most honest people. From Dec to February inwards each yr, this marvelous place e’er attracts shutterbugs too travelers coming from all over the Earth to bask such really enchanted snow wonders.

Kuerbin is located inward Hongxing Forestry Bureau, Yichun, Lesser Khingan Mountains, Heilongjiang Province, which is a perfect home for viewing rime. “ See cuckoo in jump” as well as “encounter rime in wintertime “ are the ii must-seen sceneries inwards Kuerbin. I constitute myself powerfully drawn to this fascinating place, no wonder the travel photography enthusiasts races to in that location every year.

There is a hydropower station inwards the upper current of Kuerbin River whose capacity is nigh 420 one thousand thousand cubic meters. Thus, when the H2O pouring from the station inwards winter, it volition comport a huge of heat, which leads to these beautiful too magnificent rimes in downwards stream.

All the trees are covered alongside the snow-white rimes, the stones are carpeted amongst a thick canvass of snow, a cloud of white droplets are curled from the river, travelers are drunk inwards such beautiful scenery, twelvemonth later on yr.

The natural snowflakes flower inwards the bare branches, a sparse cloud of steam are ascent from the river, dancing, too flying. This ice-cold place seems to unloose its own passion inward warm morn. If yous meet how dedicated are the photographers inward the river banking concern, y’all volition realize how fascinating of this beauty.

In Chinese poems, poets similar to purpose “jade trees and agar flower” to draw the absolute beauty of trees. Now, this type of beauty is inward front of me, existing in my state. Combining with forenoon fog, vague, indistinct together with intangible, which increases a feel of dreamy feelings. What nosotros demand to make is keeping silent, adoring the fairy landscape and observing the nature around us.

If at that place is an chance for me to appreciate such beauty of snowfall once again inwards my life, I will live satisfied.

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