What Is Chinese Knot

The refer of Chinese knot originates from f its symmetric in addition to exquisite appearance that conforms to the aesthetic idea of Chinese traditional decoration, then is given the refer of “Chinese Knot”.

Chinese knot is the unique handicraft inward Chinese history, by taking a multifariousness of craft techniques such as “ringlet, tie, cross, wrap, twist, knit too pull”  to make different frail accessories amongst beautiful designs for habitation decor, gifts sending, personal adornments, etc. 

The mention of Chinese knot is considered from its form too homophonic moral. For example, the combining accessories of “Jiezi knot”, “Qing knot “and ” Yu knot” are called “Jie Qing You Yu”, which means a full of luck together with wealth. For some other example, “Bianfu knot” as well as “Qian knot” are named “Fu Zai Yan Qian”, which way immediate fortunes. 
After having a basic understanding of Chinese knots, allow us relish around beautiful featured Chinese jewelry.

Chinese Buttons Accessories

If you lot are interested inward Chinese knots together with want to make a DIY ornament for your ain, mayhap the next tutorials tin assist y’all a lot since it’s slow to learn for the beginners. 

I’1000 glad that yous can know too empathize Chinese traditional culture through my articles. However, the charm of Chinese culture is far more than that, no thing the Chinese folk fine art: embroidery, or the treasure of handicraft fine art: paper cut, even the Chinese ancient spirit – ink too launder, they all take incredible powers of seduction, which deserve heritage in addition to transmission.